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Get to Know Us

  • Farsight Africa Group is an advisory and implementation company that provides services for governments, administrations, development organisations and private companies. Under the broad headings of Public Sector Advisory, Technology and Innovation, M&E Research and Learning, and Strategic Communications, we offer a wide range of initiatives and services and solutions.
  • Since our establishment in 2010, we have gained extensive experience in complex, sensitive and hostile environments but also work in more secure and democratic regions.
  • Farsight Africa Group’s headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya with operational offices in Somalia, South Sudan and Liberia. Our representatives’ network extends throughout Africa – and beyond.
  • The Farsight core team comprises experienced international practitioners who manage each project, allocating international and local experts as needed, combining best standards and practise with local knowledge.
  • Our deep understanding of the social, cultural and political landscape in our operational territories can be augmented by consultation with decision makers and influencers to ensure cross-cutting strategic impact as well as behavioural and attitudinal change among key audiences.

We have a wide portfolio of specialisations, but the first consultation is to understand your needs, discuss the specialities that will best answer them and develop the particular services required to give you the unique and tailored Farsight Service.