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M&E Research and Learning

Areas of Expertise

Through our Monitoring & Evaluation and Research & Learning (MERL) we apply quantitative and qualitative research towards evidence based policy formulation and strategic planning.

Our MERL services provide the eyes and ears in the territories in which you have an interest. Whether you are considering entry a particular territory or market, or assessing your current programme’s impact, MERL will supply you with information to understand, plan, assess and implement your initiatives – and inform subsequent activities. Farsight Africa has provided many coordinated MERL programmes where long-term patterns and trends have been tracked, as well as one-off snap shots that provide information and atmospherics for a given time and territory. Supporting our Public Sector Advisory services, Farsight’s MERL operates in specialised areas that include gender, labour, livelihoods, peace and democratic sectors. We also provide information specific MERL services to support commercial and business development.

Evidence based policy formulation and strategic planning

We conduct baseline, midline and end line surveys through a strong network of partners to generate knowledge and ideas for evidence based decision making and strategic planning.

These are augmented by our unique consultations with regional influencers and decision makers, focus group discussions and political and commercial stakeholders, depending on the scope and objectives of our clients. Our specifically developed software systems including NVivo, STATA and SPSS assist in quantitative analysis and reporting to support qualitative assessments and scrutiny.

Our Recent Activities

Among many past programmes, we have provided MERL services for AMISOM and UNSOM on citizen attitudes, for UNICEF on gender issues and for The World Bank to inform their Digital ID Inclusion programme in Somalia.