Case Studies

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Project Name:
Media Monitoring and Analysis Services – International Organization for Migration The Gambia (IOM)
Project Implementation
2021- Ongoing
Project Summary:

Country: Gambia, West Africa
IOM aims to contribute to enhanced understanding and capacity among the government, media and civil society to communicate strategically about both migration as a phenomenon and migration Management in The Gambia.

Farsight was tasked to track migration reporting and discussion on global traditional, mainstream and social media that addresses The Gambia. Trends on migration, reporting and discussions are to be observed, rumors and misinformation on migration to be identified and concrete communication recommendations based on observed trends to be provided.

FS Manager Comment:

This project has enabled us to confirm our position in the West African Market, working in the social, political and economic environment especially in the Gambia and Senegal. We have integrated with the regional work culture and enhanced our capabilities in running projects in this part of West Africa.